ZEUS LG: Static Oven combined wood-gas


... the traditionally practical oven
This oven represents the perfect fusion between the traditional wood-burning oven and the possibility of having the convenience of a gas oven at any time. For those who are tied to traditions and do not want to give up a traditional static oven, but at the same time have the need to always have an immediate source of heat Sant'Andrea Forni provides the professional ZEUS oven.
The oven can be selected with a flame on the right or on the left. The wood is placed on a brazier placed sideways to the hob.
The use of the gas burner ensures an accurate and precise temperature at all times. The burner is managed automatically by the electronic control unit that allows you to adjust all the functions. Tradition is synonymous with practicality with ZEUS.
The oven is available with a second under-burner gas burner (OPTIONAL)

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