ERCOLE LG: Combined wood-gas rotary oven


... the innovative and functional oven

The wood oven with rotary cooking hob ERCOLE LG by Sant'Andrea Forni represents the perfect fusion between tradition, innovation and functionality. The hob is made of high-density refractory material, so as to significantly increase the effect of thermal flywheel and ensure better and more uniform cooking.
The plain rotates thanks to a gearmotor managed by a special electronic control unit, allowing the operator to load the pizzas from the front, simplifying and speeding up the work considerably. Thanks to this technology, the cooking of the pizza is automatically managed by the oven itself which, with its rotary movement, evenly distributes the heat at every point, no longer having to worry about the radiating side. The use of the gas burner ensures an accurate and precise temperature at all times.
The burner is managed automatically by the electronic control unit that allows you to adjust all the functions.
The oven is also supplied with a second under-gas burner to maintain the optimal temperature.

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